c Vadim Semenov (CEO)

Vadim Semenov (CEO)


Interview with Calipso Group CEO

I am a happy person because for my entire life I have been doing what I like most, and I am doing it well. I am grateful for having a chance to fulfil myself in life, establish the company I love and feel the joy of working in it every day.

  • How did it all start?

I grew up in the Soviet Union times, saw a global change in the national economy in the 90-s. But I was young then and could only observe the world around me. I tried to earn some money, had to work on three jobs at once. And then, when I was working at the customs warehouse all of a sudden, I realised that clients started coming to me for advise. I helped them, and soon they recognised and granted me their trust. I realised then that there were many things I could do myself.

There, I first had an idea of my own company. I realised how I could help people save money and make their lives easier. This is what I have been doing ever since. Calipso survived many economic crises, it saw its rises and falls. However, we have learned a lot from this experience and loved our work even more. We are proud of keeping ahead with the time.

  • Why do we succeed as a business?

I am personally involved in the work. I like the process, to keep my finger of the pulse, and control the situation. I travel a lot, but my clients may call me personally any time and I will tell them where their cargo is and what is its status. With this approach, we make no mistakes. Certainly, a great deal of success I own to my team of highly professional specialists. In our office on Kutuzov lane in Moscow, one will always see a working, comfortable, and pleasant environment.


  • What are the advantages of your team compared to others?
We are quick with quoting and always ready to consult our clients. We have answers to all questions our clients may have. We like difficult situations, find the most appropriate logistics schemes, and help people prosper while working with us. We take on any conflicts or disputes our clients may face. This makes us different from other companies. Many simply lack the resources that we have. To solve many issues, I employ my life-long ties and friendships with the Russian customs staff, which is important to have for any business.

  • Many clients are fast to praise the work Calipso does. What is the key to such a good relationship between clients and Calipso?
I would rather ask them about it. But to my mind, the secret to some extent is that we love and cherish our clients and their trust in us. We know answers to all questions! We operate with three mantras: Reliability, Professionalism, and Trust. Calipso has a great reputation. We often get new clients from the recommendations of our previous customers.

Working with us is pleasant and the procedures are clear and transparent

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